NRC Mileage Challenge Begins!


This challenge is designed to encourage consistent rucking for either event preparation or for general fitness. While we always want to ruck with members of our club, we want this to appeal to as many people as possible so you may complete your miles as works best for you. 

The process is simple:

1. Download the Strava app and join the Nashville Rucking Crew club page. 
2. Ruck your choice of mileage and with the weight of your choosing. Only miles tracked via Strava will count toward cumulative totals.
3. Post a pic and/or a mileage screenshot to at least one of our social media pages.
Facebook: Nashville Rucking Crew
Instagram: Nashville Rucking Crew and use hashtags - #traindirtyrucknasty#NRCmileagechallenge#ruckclub

Strava will track miles for everyone and patches will be sent as you reach each threshold - 100, 300, 500 and 1000 miles. This is an ongoing challenge - miles do not have to be completed in 2019. 

Cost: $25
Paypal (F&F) to

Renee Aly