Our mission is to train to GORUCK event standards.

That does not mean you have to walk into training ready to meet those standards. You've just gotta be hungry enough to chase them down. 


Renée: I found GORUCK in 2015 when a friend encouraged me to sign up for a Tough. Fascinated by how the challenge called for a balance of mental-physical-emotional toughness, I was hooked.

In my work as a personal trainer, I began enlisting clients and class regulars to join me for rucks and sandbag workouts. One of the first to buy-in was Jake Rodriguez. From the very first ruck, I could count on him show up for any ruck or PT on the schedule. 

As a community of those willing to train under heavy load and long distances began to grow, taking the next step in forming an official ruck club was inevitable. Some of my closest friendships have been forged through ruck training and I enjoy sharing this opportunity with others. 

Every week, I strive to provide quality training sessions that not only serve the psychical self but experiences that support a healthy mindset and positive outlook. 


Jake:  My GORUCK journey began in January of 2017 when Renée Aly introduced GORUCK to me through a gym here in Nashville. I was immediately hooked. I completed my first Tough with her at Chattanooga in July of 2017.

Being a former musician and moving into an apartment, I found myself needing a new hobby and GORUCK was it.  Since July 2017, I have completed 16 events and counting. I have also completed an HTL and I am training for another this month in Atlanta. To add to the craziness, I am also training for Selection this year.  

Getting to share my GORUCK experiences with the Nashville community is one of the greatest things and I want to continue that through NRC.